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...more than 20 years experience of providing successful I.T. solutions and consultancy

Data Management Services

was established in 1988 with the specific objective of providing cost effective software solutions that matched the working practices of small and medium size businesses without the need for unnecessary compromise.

Over the years, our clients have benefited from this flexible approach, and the innovative time saving features that have been included in our software designs have enabled them to operate their businesses more efficiently. In many cases, this has enabled businesses to grow while maintaining a high level of information management. Our emphasis is always on customer care and the ability to adapt to our clients changing requirements. This in turn leads to the development of a successful business relationship. A diverse range of systems have been installed including the following application areas...
  • order processing
  • warehouse management
  • distribution
  • manufacturing and production control
  • costing
  • service management
  • retail sales and point of sale
  • time, expense and billing
  • automated data aquisition and analysis
In many cases, systems have been designed to handle the particular data processing problems encountered by businesses. Solutions often incorporate intuitive automation to improve efficiency and customer response time.

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